Not much new

So, a while ago we thought we might have some new stuff here, but life got in the way and it hasn’t happened (yet).

We are still re-enacting, we just haven’t found the time to write about it – maybe we will tomorrow….

While you are here go and have a look at Carolines pages and then go over to Jeff’s website (where nothing much has changed recently either – sorry)

Changes afoot

As a start to making some changes on this website, Jeff’s articles have been relocated to www.vincents.org.uk. If you click on links for those pages you will be redirected to their new location.

Caroline has some new plans for here, which we will put into place at some point. Maybe soon.

…and a New Theme – hopefully simpler in layout

Below is how we looked in Dec 1996:

Our web page Dec 1996





A new look

Well it was about time… we’ve had the same look for years and much of the content was in flat files dating back to 1997 when we first went on line.

We hope you can find everything you need – most of the old pages are still here. You will find them by clicking on our names or the categories above.